Pacific Throttle House

Performance is our business.

Pacific Throttle House is a constructor and purveyor of the finest vintage and modern race cars as well as sports and exotic street cars. Our expertise with fabrication, our attention to detail, and our appreciation of history and significance of racers from all eras separate us as the people who can build, maintain, and optimize the best and most exclusive cars of any era, from the simple elegance of classic Le Mans racers to the technological marvels of modern prototypes.

PTH Clothing Line Launched!

Among the important lessons we've learned in professional racing, one that looms large is something about building a brand being kind of all we were doing with these race cars and everything. To quote Roger Penske*: "Building a brand for your company is pretty much as important as building a building to put all the company's stuff in.**" Profound stuff.

Another lesson we learned is that people seem to really, really like T-shirts. We saw them lining up to buy all sorts of racing T-shirts with terrible designs on them. Some of them had neon colors outlining the bad logos and designs, as if to draw everyone's attention to the poor clothing choices being made at the racetrack.

With this in mind, Pacific Throttle House is excited to announce that we will be launching a clothing line on September 16, 2013. Printed locally by Pelican Print Shop in San Francisco, our apparel will be high quality clothing conspicuously displaying the really cool-looking, Pacific Throttle House logos. Your long-term conflict between wanting people to know you are an automotive enthusiast and wanting to look like you didn't get dressed in the dark is over!


No longer will people wonder who your favorite racing shop on the Monterey Peninsula is, and many boring conversations with strangers regarding that topic will be avoided as they read our logo and let you on your way. This, of course, will make you a more productive citizen, and will surely be a boon to the economy. We thank you for your support, and for letting Pacific Throttle House make you look really, really good.

Ten days before these shirts go on sale, along with two other T-shirt designs, a hoodie, and a sweet zip-up lightweight hoodie sweatshirt! Everyone gets a free sticker with each shirt, too!*** 

*Not actually Roger Penske

**He never said this, but he might. 

 ***Everybody likes stickers