Pacific Throttle House

Performance is our business.

Pacific Throttle House is a constructor and purveyor of the finest vintage and modern race cars as well as sports and exotic street cars. Our expertise with fabrication, our attention to detail, and our appreciation of history and significance of racers from all eras separate us as the people who can build, maintain, and optimize the best and most exclusive cars of any era, from the simple elegance of classic Le Mans racers to the technological marvels of modern prototypes.

Our customer was looking for a good way to turn his 996 street car into a fast, fun-to-drive race car that wouldn't cost a fortune to run and build, so we steered him towards the Touring 2 SCCA category, where the engine, gearbox, and basic suspension layout had to remain stock. This meant that we needed to put our effort where it counted, building him a really good cage, and installing an OS Giken differential and JRZ 2-way coilovers. The motor was rebuilt, and we fabricated a lightweight stainless exhaust that saved about 30 pounds over stock. The whole thing sits on some period-correct BBS wheels to complete the build.