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Pacific Throttle House is a constructor and purveyor of the finest vintage and modern race cars as well as sports and exotic street cars. Our expertise with fabrication, our attention to detail, and our appreciation of history and significance of racers from all eras separate us as the people who can build, maintain, and optimize the best and most exclusive cars of any era, from the simple elegance of classic Le Mans racers to the technological marvels of modern prototypes.




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Sprint 0W15: Qualifying or short race duration. Low engine dilution.

High RPM 0W20: Qualifying or short distance race. Low engine dilution.

Power Racing 5W30: Rally or short distance race. Medium engine dilution.

Trophy 0W40: Short distance race. Rally or GT. Medium engine dilution.

Power 5W40: Short distance race, rally or GT. Medium engine dilution.

Chrono 10W40: Short distance, rally or GT. Ideal for most club racing. Medium engine dilution.

Competition 15W50: Endurance races. Historic racing (rebuilt engines only). Medium to high engine dilution.

Le Mans 20W60: 24 Hour Endurance races. High engine dilution.

Sizes: 2L

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Motul 300V is a range of engine oils specifically designed for endurance racing and ultra high performance vehicles. Formulated with double esters, 300V has a maximum oil film resistance even at very high temperatures. Friction Modifiers increase power output while also decreasing operating temperature. 300V experiences 0% sheer loss providing stable oil pressure even in the most brutal conditions.

300V's additives and detergents provide excellent engine cleanness. The first time you switch to 300V your oil change will be black as it's cleaning out the engine. Subsequent oil changes will appear cleaner and cleaner as buildup is removed.

300V is offered in a wide array of viscosities targeted to specific racing applications and provides excellent properties such as increase power output, increased flow, quick pressure setup, faster revving and high pressure even at high RPM and high temperature. Choosing the right formula may result in the extra tenth needed to cross the line ahead of your opponent.

Motul 300V is available in a range of eight viscosities, each designed for a specific type of use, with the light viscosity oils being geared for maximum power and the heavier oils designed to compensate for fuel dilution, maintaining maximum shear strength for longer endurance races.

Please contact Pacific Throttle House for an oil viscosity recommendation to match your needs.